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    Hello all,

    I just got a bb for my job and am twiddling with it to set it up to my liking. I've used the "Folder Redirection" setting in email settings so that I can see e-mails that my outook rules move directly from my inbox into another folder. It seems to work, but when I look at my the list of folders on my bb, it doesn't show how many unread messages each folder contains. So, although I might know that I just got a message because of the new message indicator, I have to hunt through all of my folders to figure out which one it's in. Is there any way to get the folder list to show the unread message count in each folder?

    If not, does anyone have any general suggestions for managing e-mail for someone who doesn't want every single e-mail to go to the inbox? I get way too many e-mails per day to look at all of them, so I have outlook rules that move e-mails out of the inbox and into various folders that I then look at depending on what I'm working on. The current setup most people have at work is to move a copy of the message from the inbox into a folder, but that's especially annoying since if I read a message on my bb, it only shows up as read in the "inbox" not in the folder that the copy got moved to. And it's extremely important for me to sync up which e-mails I've read on my blackberry so that I don't have to look at them on my desktop.

    Any ideas/tips/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance...
    07-24-10 09:58 AM
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    Have you tried opening your main messages folder and select Menu/Options/General Options/Display Message Count, select Unread. Display New Message Indicator/Yes. If I have interpreted you wrong, my apologies. You can also hide read filed messages. I hope this was some help.

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    07-24-10 04:54 PM