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    Hey All,
    Newbie here, be gentle. Have a quick question. I'm a current Tmobile subscriber, but don't want to be forced into purchasing a data plan by buying my new BB through Tmobile. I dont need data at all, just voice and text/picture messaging. If I buy an unlocked BB through a private party, will it be able to receive picture messages? Or, Do I need an unlocked Tmobile "branded" BB to get picture messages? I ask because I remember reading that one of the unlocking issues was the inability to receive picture messages after unlocking a phone. Thanks in advance.
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    11-13-09 11:25 PM
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    any phone, locked or unlocked, branded or not should be able to receive picture messaging. now im not sure about how t-mobile will work with this, but if you dont want a full data plan, you may not need to in order to get MMS. just have them apply the appropriate MMS plan to your account. MMS's use data, but if you have the plan set up to allow it, it may work. however, since its a BB and no actual data plan, there may be no way to avoid it.

    a phones branding shouldnt have any effect on its MMS abilities. im using an unlocked t-mo 8900 on at&t and have unlimited data and messaging.
    11-13-09 11:32 PM
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    Thanks dictoresno, I do pay for a text plan as one of my t-mobile pay options right now. So I should be good to go then with an unlocked phone that can do full text/picture messaging WITHOUT a data plan, correct? I just want to be sure before purchasing one. Thanks.
    11-13-09 11:46 PM
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    is MMS included in the messaging plan? if not, you may need to add that. i would contact t-mobile customer service to verify it will work.
    11-14-09 12:28 AM