1. elronhubburd's Avatar
    I've read through the posts and searched to no luck...ongoing nightmare with this phone...
    I am currently working in Thailand, ordered a new Sprint Tour from Ebay...unlocked it with a code, and signed up for the major carrier here AIS (which hasn't officially released the Tour but offers full BB services).
    The calling works but the Browser and BB messenger and all other BB services do not work. They tried to sign me up for Pushmail but says my BB is not registered. I did see a post addressing a very similar prob with the Storm but it requires a T-mobile sim...


    and apparently only unlocked SPRINT Tours have this problem in Thailand... can anyone help with this? asking around, the unlockers here are waiting for some kind of software to be released next month that will solve this issue, and many are sitting on tons of useless, returned Sprint Tours until this comes. A tech person at cellfservices mentioned something about rerouting my service books to the carrier? is that a solution and how do i do that?
    Please help. I've never been this aggravated by a phone before.
    08-24-09 02:39 AM
  2. Sonshyne's Avatar
    You may want to contact sprint and activate your phone, then have them add international service to your plan. You will then be able to use the internet, but you will have to put your sprint sim card in to do so.

    May not not be want you want.. But its a temporary fix for now.

    Good luck!!
    08-24-09 08:28 AM