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    hi everyone
    my first post here and i wondered if i can get an answer from one of the good folks here. i have a curve from rogers in Canada. when i travel overseas i use a GSM phone with O2 to save on the roaming charges for voice calls. carrying two handsets is a pain, if i were to buy a new unlocked 8320 with wifi, or unlock my existing one, would it be possible to use the O2 sim without subscribing to data plan and still get my email as i would with Rogers plan?

    i am addicted to my BB, if it could cook i would marry the darn thing.

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    03-17-08 07:06 PM
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    you cant get your email without a data plan. unless you check your email (i.e. gmail) using a browser at a hotspot
    03-17-08 07:38 PM
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    Yes, an unlocked phone and O2 SIM will give you O2 service (voice). Wifi will give you limited data access, assuming you have access to a node. It won't give your BIS/BES service, though, and a lot of programs need more than just wifi to run.
    That being said, at home you would likely find your Rogers data usage drop from using wifi, i.e. Browsing the web can be done for 'free' across wifi, and more programs (such as jivetalk) are releasing wifi-friendly updates.

    Get an 8320 and have a (cheap) blast!


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    03-18-08 02:56 AM
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    Thanks for the help, i was under the impression that voice, SMS and MMS are carrier dependant and corporate or other email are redirected to the handset via BIS or BES servers at Rim using the Pin or IMEI. goes to reason that as long as i register a BB on a BIS server i should get my email regardless of what plan i have, am i wrong?
    Perhaps a question for another thread, but instead of trying to use my BB as a modem for my laptop i was thinking of getting a globesurfer USB and use one of my sim cards (02, Fido or Rogers) downstream is 7.2 mbps, sounds like a good deal to me, anyone knows if its any good?
    appreciate your help
    03-18-08 12:26 PM