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    Hi, I recently gave my Telus Pearl 3G to a friend of mine who is on the Rogers network. The pearl was on Telus' HSPA network and uses a sim card. I've seen some other threads where people have confirmed that they've gotten a Telus Blackberry to work on the Rogers network.

    Would anybody be able to help me figure out - or point me in the right direction - on how I could go about unlocking the phone so my friend would be able to use his Rogers sim card with it?

    Also, would there be any issues that we should be aware about? Would 3G still work? Will he be able to get data service? etc.

    Thanks for any advice!
    06-01-11 12:02 AM
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    You would first need to get the device unlocked. After that is done, your friend will need to ensure he/she has a blackberry specific data plan, and a BIS (blackberry internet service) account. once that is done, he/she would need to register the pearl's PIN to his/her BIS account. Once the sim card is in the device, it is a good idea to register the host routing table, and send updated service books....

    sounds like alot, but it's ll pretty straight forward stuff...

    As for getting the device unlocked, there are many sites / services that can do it for you... most do charge a fee...

    you can also check out the unlocking forum

    I can have your device unlocked for free if you like, just PM me for more info
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    06-01-11 09:53 AM
  3. Lorenn_x's Avatar
    Just want to say it can be done!

    My Blackberry (9780) is originally Telus branded, and I have used it on Rogers and currently, Bell. As long as you've got a SIM card, you can unlock it.

    I bought it unlocked, however (not sure where you're located), most malls near me can unlock for pretty low, depending on the demand. I've seen prices as low as $10.00 and the highest I've seen was about $30.00.

    You want to look for non-carrier cellphone stores. I've heard some people have gotten their phone unlocked for free by their carrier, but most will charge, and quite a bit. Look for stores that sell cases, phones, etc. and just ask - Some will do it, some won't.

    Tbrenn also offered to do it for free, which is nice and will save you a lot of work! 3G should also work, mine does, but I know not all do, don't know much about the Pearl 3G. But you will be able to get data.
    06-01-11 04:59 PM
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    This will work no problem on rogers with 3G as it is HSPA and is on the same frequency. Please use the discount code below if you would like it unlocked.
    06-01-11 10:32 PM