1. bmedin01's Avatar
    if i have a Blackberry Bold through an old Sprint account. can i get it unlocked and give it to someone else to swap their Sprint blackberry curve with that bold on a different/separate Sprint Account? two different accounts different names but both Sprint accounts. thank you!
    04-23-12 02:37 PM
  2. dakid72's Avatar
    I'm not sure what you mean, but I think this is what you want to know.

    If the Bold is/was on your account and you no longer use it, just call Sprint and tell them you want to release the phone (have the IMEI ready to go), your gonna give it to your cousin or who ever and they will call in when they are ready to add it or activate it on their account.

    Now as for the Curve, if they want to swap in the Bold and release the Curve same process applies, they just need to call Sprint and give them all the info (IMEI's from older phone to the newer) just be warned that if they had that Curve on the account for a while and they don't pay the $10 "smartphone" fee when they add the Bold they will have to pay it from now on, no grandfathering older phones or used phones.

    Hope this helps!
    04-23-12 02:50 PM
  3. T
    I don't see why not. It's not a matter of getting it unlocked. It just means contacting Sprint. Sprint will make sure the phones aren't stolen or blacklisted for unpaid bills and then activate them for their owners in good standing. They do have to be Sprint branded phones.
    04-23-12 02:53 PM
  4. Fubaz's Avatar
    you do not need to get it unlocked as long as its on sprint
    just give them the phone
    they call sprint, say they got a different phone for the accounts
    activate it

    very easy
    04-23-12 02:58 PM
  5. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    Fubaz is right. When it is on Sprint it goes by ESN aka CDMA. To unlock it for GSM you need the IMEI and another carrier's SIM.
    04-23-12 07:30 PM