1. zofan's Avatar
    have set password to my BB 8100 but unfortunately can't unlock my mobile have tried 10 times and then it begin to wip so i pulled out the battery in order not to lose data.. but it is still unlocked can any one help.. Thx>>
    03-13-08 03:35 AM
  2. penguin3107's Avatar
    There is nothing you can do now to save your data on the device.
    Once it begins to wipe, it cannot be stopped. Pulling the battery mid-wipe is ineffective.
    Once you put the battery back in, the wipe will continue.
    You also risk corrupting the handheld OS by pulling the battery mid-wipe. In a test lab, we've ended up with 507 errors after the battery was put back in on some devices.

    Your only choice is to let the wipe complete, and then you'll be able to set a new device password once the handheld resets.

    You can then unlock the device with your new password and try to restore your data from your most recent backup.
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    03-13-08 08:09 AM