1. Yoox_II's Avatar
    For some reason one of the first things I noticed when I used the drop down menu of settings on the playbook was the color of the left hand side of headings. Where is says about, airplane mode, WiFi, etc...
    Its sort of a charcoal colour. I think if a new BlackBerry phone had that sort of colour, it would be an eye catcher. I like how it is an inconsistent (in a good way) colouration. The picture shows what I mean.
    I know this isn't a post that will stir up a lot of conversations but who knows, RIM might browse websites like crackberry.com looking for ideas or things that users want to see.
    05-17-12 03:50 PM
  2. cjcou's Avatar
    That's similar to the colour of the new HTC One S, which has an amazing finish. My dream device would be a Blackberry with the build quality of an HTC phone.
    05-17-12 04:34 PM