1. Jessica Lowe's Avatar
    I have a 8900 Smartphone and downloaded the WAVE SECURE application for a free trial a while ago now. My phone was switched off last night and after turning it on there was a Wave Secure notice saying my phone had been locked. Does anyone know how to unlock it?? Or if there is a general pin code to unlock these if anyone else has had this problem?? Would be So grateful if anyone knows!!
    08-05-10 06:43 AM
  2. FineWolf's Avatar
    Plug your phone in via USB, and use a tool such as BBSak to remove Wave Secure...

    (Or just log in into their portal and send an unlock request to your phone).
    08-05-10 06:46 AM
  3. Jessica Lowe's Avatar
    It worked!! Thamk you SO MUCH!!
    08-05-10 07:18 AM