1. aznsmallz's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Yesterday I accidentally deleted one of my videos on my blackberry curve. I used an undelete program to recover the video and it came up with two files: VID 00074.3GP and VID 00074.3GP.lock. I can't play either one on my phone nor on my computer. Help please, thanks!
    05-16-09 12:52 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Right click on properties for the two files, are they the same size? It could be the files are identical, except one has been renamed to .lock

    Also, in the properties, see if the file type is displayed as video file or something like that.

    You can try renaming the .lock file by removing the .lock extension, but you probably have to rename the first part as well because it would have the same filename as your original file.
    05-16-09 01:00 PM
  3. eyrockstar's Avatar
    I also am unable to play a recovered video. I used Recuva to do the recovery and instead of being recovered to a GP3 file, it was recovered to a MP4 tag and is thus unreadable (even after changing the tag to GP3, AVI, et cetera.). Help?
    11-18-09 01:23 PM