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    I have a new BB 9330 and am having a problem with it that's driving me nuts.

    When I'm at home connected to my WIFI network, I periodically get the message "Unable to find requested server".(title says "requested network" but this is a typo). The issue is very sporadic, happens when I try to access various websites, and then will magically resolve itself seconds later.

    I've searched this forum and all over the web and it appears that this has been an ongoing issue with the BBs for some time, and yet, I've found no real solutions.

    Additional information:

    - Running OS 6.0
    - Have tried resetting to factory settings
    - Wireless router is a D-LINK DR-615. Have 4 other WIFI devices connected to this router with no issues.
    - No issue connecting the BB to the router.

    Called tech support who instructed me to do a full reset and if that didn't solve the problem to bring it in for a new device. I did that, it didn't work, and now the new BB is behaving in the exact same way.

    I've seen at least one other thread where the "solution" was to try another router - that's not a solution. That's a shot in the dark.
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