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    I have been lurking here for years but this is my first post. I've been a faithful bb customer since my first Pearl in August of 2006. My husband and I both bought the Torch 9800 on the release day. Both of our phones have been working flawlessly. Yesterday, both phones were unable to use wifi to access the mobile web. We get the "unable to connect to internet, please try again later" message. If we disable wifi, we are able to connect using 3g. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have a fix? I updated both phones to the leaked .214 OS last weekend. Thanks!
    09-12-10 12:48 PM
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    It could be an issue with your wireless router if you are accessing the wifi from the home. Try resetting the router and see if that solves the issue. I've had problems where some devices would connect (like my laptop) but my ps3 would never connect to the internet. It was due to a problem where the router was not assigning the ps3 an IP address or had incorrect setting saved for the ps3. Usually a power cycle of the router and the device solves most issues.

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    09-12-10 01:28 PM
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    Yes, That was the fix. First I deleted the wireless profile from my 9800. Then I recycled the modem (att-dsl, linksys wrt160n router), brought up the router set-up page and reestablished the wireless connection on the 9800 with the wireless protected set-up. So far so good. I was afraid that it was an issue with the 9800. Thanks!
    09-12-10 01:32 PM
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    No problem and glad it worked. I live in Fl and everytime we get a bad thunderstorm our power flickers and reeks havok with our wireless.

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    09-12-10 04:59 PM
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    i got wifi to work too but only the web browser works..none of the application or my emails work..can someone help?
    09-20-10 02:46 PM
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    Hey... Solved my problem today.
    04-02-11 08:47 PM