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    I can't make calls or recieve calls when in UMA mode (TMO). This started a couple of days ago. I can call/recieve OTA. I have done the usual-pull battery, resend service books, reset the router, called CS. CS said there was somekind of issue with Blackberry here in Massachusettes (I live north of Boston near the NH border). The gal in CS I spoke with did not seem to know to much in general and I don't think she even knew what UMA was. She said to call back if the issue was not resolved in 72 hours. hmmm. Any one else in Massachusettes have similar problems using UMA (TMO)?
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    04-22-11 08:15 AM
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    It maybe your router not your phone. If your at home and it is not working try unplugging your router for a minute or two and plug it back in. It should reboot and start working. If not call your provider.
    04-22-11 01:27 PM
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    Well, I tried several times rebooting the router and it did not help. So it is off the TMO to have them check out my phone.
    04-23-11 09:15 AM
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    I had this a few weeks back on Orange. Said UMA was connected and absolutely nothing happened on my phone. When I left home it connected to the 3G network again and sms and voicemails starting coming through when when I was at home with apparent full UMA coverage.

    I disabled UMA and struggled with the minimal Orange coverage I get at home and tried again the next day and it was all working fine again.

    Maybe the issue is with your carrier's network like happened to me? Try giving them a call and asking if they have an issue.
    04-23-11 10:36 AM
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    Well, problem FIXED. ha. I had installed the voip program "Tringme" and it was not allowing UMA calls. Removed it and calling in/out via UMA now works. Thanks for the input guys!
    04-23-11 12:23 PM