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    I have been reading up on getting UMA enabled on phones moved to new carriers and have seen people doing this with multiple phones but was wondering if anyone had done so with a bold 9650? It was originally on verizon and I moved it to cincinnati bell which has UMA (they call it "fusion wifi") but I can't get it on my phone. I'd assume it is possible with the hardware since it is working on the cincinnati bell EDGE network and has wifi but I was wondering if there was something else that was required on the hardware side?

    This will work with any UMA enabled device. Make sure you enter your PIN in ALL CAPS and enter the application number with the parentheses.

    1. On your BlackBerry, you need to download and install two T-Mobile certificates using these two links:

    [links no longer work]

    2. You need to get into the EScreen. On your blackberry press and hold ALT CAPS and letter H DO NOT EXIT THIS SCREEN, the code generated is based on the uptime you enter.

    3. Using your computer go to:

    4. Username: tmussales Password: TMUSsales

    5. Enter the information from your blackberry on the computer EXACTLY as it appears. First Name and Last Name can be anything. For model number just pick 8300.

    6. Donít use GPS option or Zip code options.

    7. You will receive an 8 digit unlock code.

    8. On your blackberry and without leaving the screen that displays the information enter the code. For numbers press and hold the ALT key and for letters enter them directly without worrying about capitalizing the letters.

    9. At the EScreen select <Mobile Network Engineering Screens>

    10. Select <Utilities>

    11. Select <Session Manager>

    12. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <UMA Options>

    13. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <New>

    14. Enter the following: Display Name: T-Mobile Operator Name: T-Mobile UMA Protocol version: 1.0.3

    15. Unselect <use default UNCS> and enter punc.t-mobileuncs.com use Port: 14001

    16. Unselect <use default SEGW> and enter psgw.t-mobilesgws.com

    17. Select the SEGW certificate named T-Mobile USA, inv. Engineering and Operations CA

    18. You are all set.
    I was thinking this walkthrough would work with the exception of using cincinnati bell certificates and settings instead of t-mobile ones of course. I was hoping to get some feedback from more seasoned berry users before I proceeded though so I'm not trying to do the impossible or even worse end up messing up my phone. I haven't pulled the settings or certificates yet but I have an old 8320 that worked with UMA so I'm assuming I can pull them from there.

    Any help or tips are appreciated as I keep on researching, thanks.
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    I've never done it with a 9650 but I've done it on my Torch. The easiest way I've found to transfer the certificates is to e-mail them to yourself from the old phone that has UMA working, then switch to the new device to open the e-mail and install the certificates. You'll need S/MIME support installed on both phones to encode/decode the cert email.

    There are a couple steps above for getting at the engineering screens that won't work. Google for an app called BBEscreen. I think there's a paid version in the CB App Store, and an earlier free version out on the web. Install it onto both phones and use it to get the unlock code needed at step 8 above.

    Be advised that updating or reloading the OS will wipe your non-factory UMA profile and you'll have to go in through the engineering screens again to enter the settings; the certificates will survive an OS update/reload.

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    The fact that UMA over Wi-Fi is mentioned in the user guide leads me to believe it's possible, just a matter of settings and certs.

    About using UMA with a Wi-Fi network - User Guide - BlackBerry Bold 9650 Smartphone - 5.0

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