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    I recently upgraded with Orange mobile from a Palm Treo to a Blackberry 8120. I got what appears to be a reasonable deal:

    For �36 per month I get: 1200 cross network min
    500 texts

    As part of getting the free Blackberry 8120, I had to register with Blackberry. I believe the usual Blackerry usage rate is �7.50 but I managed to get it for �2.50 per month on top of my line rental. This apparently gives me unlimited internet and e-mail push!

    I have synched my handset to my work OWA and receive a lot of e-mails. I have also set up an additional blackberry e-mail. My question is, �2.50 seems to be a pretty good deal for unlimited data usage so are there any hidden costs that I should be made aware of?

    Will I be charged extra for downloading mail from a work OWA since its not a convential e-mail (Yahoo, Gmail ect).

    I work from home in the UK and the company that I work for are based in France and therefore have a French exchange. Will there be an additional cost for pushing email from their OWA to my handset?
    11-07-08 10:56 AM