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    Well, it's finally happened Blackberry is no longer supported by US Congress. Why not quit screwing around and tell us yes or no regarding hardware and 10OS. Below is from a USA Today article...way to loose a whole market segment and those of us who are still hanging on..for what I no longer know!!!

    U.S. Congress is finally making the switch from BlackBerry to Android or iPhone, a switch most of us made years ago.

    After a decade of being issued BlackBerry devices, Congressional staff will no longer receive new phones,*according to*a memo*from the U.S. Sergeant at Arms sent*last week to Congressional*administrative managers, chief clerks and system administrators*that was posted by*Politico and blogger Jim Swift.

    The reason, according to the memo: BlackBerry told telecom carriers Verizon and AT&T*that production of all*Blackberry OS 10 devices (Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport and Classic) is being discontinued*and future fulfillment can't be guaranteed.

    Staffers can use the remaining phones*in stock, and will continue to receive uninterrupted warranty and technical support, for the ďforeseeable future," the memo said.

    The BlackBerry has long fallen out of fashion for most smartphone users, forcing*a management shake-up at the Canadian tech company,*rounds of layoffs, and a turnaround strategy focused on secure software.

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    07-04-16 03:14 PM
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    Lies. BB10 is best. Most secure.
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    07-04-16 03:34 PM
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    Given the fact that there is still some remaining stock of BlackBerry 10 devices and that support will continue for a while, the transition will take a little while but not very long.

    The real question would be if BlackBerry is still the EMM provider? It's one thing for BlackBerry to stop selling devices to the US Congress and it's another thing for them to drop BlackBerry all together for all services etc?

    As long as BlackBerry continues to gain traction with their software and services business in government, regulated industries and other business's environments. The future isn't in hardware unless their version of Android takes off in SOME capacity. I love BlackBerry 10 and I don't know what I will do going forward over the next few years but as a shareholder I want to see the best thing for the business and bottom line.

    All the best BlackBerry!

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    07-04-16 06:35 PM
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    This is already be discussed for several days here -
    07-04-16 08:34 PM
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    07-04-16 08:49 PM

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