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    Good day,

    I have a Storm 2 and have been using Twitter for months, however last night I logged out of my account and when I went to log back in I kept getting the message "Twitter Services are currently unavailable". It stayed the same overnight and this morning I deleted the program and reinstalled it. That didn't work. I deleted the permissions from Twitter as advised by BBsupport's twitter page. That didn't work. I pulled the battery and that didn't work. I even tried Uber Social and it would not let me log in either. My browser and all other apps are working perfectly. As a last ditch attempt I tried the beta version of Twitter for Blackberry and it worked perfectly. I am also able to access my Twitter page on the web with no problems. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I would appreciate any help.


    03-02-11 05:19 PM