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    I am on the quest for the perfect form of portable computer. I like things to behave like swiss army knives and my phone is no different.

    Sorry for the crap render, just a quickie before I head to bed.

    Here is an idea for the most flexible interface, and the one I want.
    I am happy with the performance of the z10 and it's specs are adequate. Maybe a faster and cooler SOC and USB OTG would be nice.

    Because I'd look at a smart phone as a remote for the tv or a terminal to my computer. I want a keyboard and a decent screen and a trackpad. I don't care about the other buttons, just the trackpad.

    Touch screens are dope, but not ideal keyboards. Typing is far nicer with a keyboard and I'll often choose not to write at all because of having to hash it out on a touch screen.

    Smartphone keyboards don't work in landscape either. They're just too clumsy and their shape doesn't lend itself to comfortable extended sessions.
    Soooo, the solution is to put the screen in a 1:1 or 4:3 aspect ratio!
    No. It isn't.
    Most video is now 16:9 and most desktops are similar or close.In order to pair this with a properly proportioned keyboard, you either have to have a tiny picture with a load of wasted screen or a tiny screen in 16:9. What to do?!!


    But now that means no keyboard for 16:9 which is really useful for remote desktop. This would also require a trackpad too.

    Wide screen. Keyboard with a good feel in the hand. Phone can still be relatively compact. Inorder to align the KB to screen, the KB would have to slide anyway, so why not make it a slider as well? Why not have a short slide for day to day like texting and quick emails.

    Long documents and email, remote desktop can all be done in twist.

    Why not?
    I can see this being difficult to engineer. It will also be relatively expensive. It will be weaker than z10 by a factor of about a million. It's just plain silly. It'll be heavier and bulkier than a normal z10 too.

    Heck, we could even make the screen tilt now we're in fantasy land.
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    The last two pictures are just awesome.

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    Great idea, but I am thinking about a little problem with it: "twisting" the screen into horizontal position (at the height shown in the picture) will make the device top-heavy - resulting in an uncomfortable typing experience.


    Screen Timeout app - keep your BB10 screen awake
    02-13-14 04:28 AM
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    However, I don't I agree with you.
    This is how I see it;
    Because the pivot is central, the screen's centre of gravity doesn't change so that should't be any different than the screen being upright. This is because the two opposing forces are equal from the centre pivot, whether vertical or horizontal. It's when it slides is when it becomes top heavy because the centre of gravity has shifted.

    It's the sliding that changes the balance of the phone toward top heaviness, not whether it is twisted or not. If something like this were to move into prototyping, this sort of issue would be addressed through the redistribution of parts within the phone. The PCB would probably need to be the shape of the Q10 screen and the battery would need to be justified toward the bottom of the unit in the keyboard region.
    02-17-14 11:01 PM
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    I like the concept, but I don't know if it would be comfortable to use twisted. When I hold my Z10 in both hands, my pinky is below the bottom and keeps it from slipping and my index fingers are at least 3/4 up underneath the phone. The twist would be in the way of my fingers causing them to feel a bit cramped in the bottom half of the phone. Perhaps this wouldn't be a problem on a 5"+ phone, but it wouldn't work for a Z10 size. I also agree, it would be too top heavy.
    02-18-14 03:17 PM
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    I'm using a z10 to illustrate how to transform between states and not as the final product. It's a general depiction. Because of this, I think the whole issue of it being uncomfortable and top-heavy are non starters in my opinion. The screen and it's glass weigh less than the battery. The battery placement can be used as a ballast weight. There's no question this is simplifying a very challenging engineering feat, I don't think it's impossible to make this work well.

    Once the design specs and requirements are settled on, hard work and engineering would be used to refine it.

    But then again, anyway you look at this, is that it is fantasyware.

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    Goodbye b crackberry. **** you later.

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