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    Disclaimer: This is my first post and I keep up with the forums pretty regularly and haven't seen a topic on this so forgive me if it's a repost.

    I saw a tweet from Jose Bautista the other day about how he got a new z10 which I thought was awesome! Huge fan and could be a potentially great for promoting the brand. I my self have never tried booster juice till he became the face of it lol. Anyways, last year blackberry and the blue Jays had a great relationship and this can prove to be a great move by them this year as the jays are predicting record breaking attendance. They are also opening on a Tuesday so I expect to see that big screen with constant blackberry advertising, hopefully showing off the Q10 and z10 to the fans and having Jose endorse them.

    Just wanted to inform everyone of the potentially great marketing that will be done north of the border!

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    03-07-13 07:07 AM

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