1. Eduard Pertinez's Avatar
    I do firmly believe keyboard powered phones are a niche that should continue to exist and have potential to manage BBM continue alive. There are lots of occasions were keyboards make the phone experience far better that VKB. Now, most of the times the power of PKB is lost in small details. Some are related to BB apps. It makes no sense the launcher is not fast as hell when starting to type an App name, for example. Some other launchers are much faster.
    Now, the other major problem is with external apps. Take Spotify as example. When you open it up and wanna search something you must put the focus on the search input area before typing with the PKB. That is because most Apps don't want VKB activated if not needed so they do not put the focus directly to the text area.
    Now, PKB exist in BBM phones and in Android tablets. I am pretty sure there may be a way for the App to know if a PKB is attached to the system and put the focus on the text area only on that case. That conditional focus should cost only a couple of code lines to implement. I think BBM or a group of Crackberrians should document what lines should be added to apps in order to have them PKB ready and create a "lobby" to push apps into appliying those little hacks to their software.
    01-03-18 05:42 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I believe that keyboard powered phones is a niche too.... a teeny, tiny niche. That ought to be happy to get what they can.

    Hopefully with expanded sales will come money to invest into BlackBerry's Android software development, and it's something that they can improve.

    Lobby other developers to "improve" their Apps to better support a PKB.... go for it.
    01-03-18 08:59 AM

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