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    No, that's not what's being said. What is being said is that there's a difference between one the one hand, a PS4 game being ported to Xbox, and on the other hand, Microsoft releasing a software update that allows games released for the PS4 to also run on the Xbox. The former is a port and is what happens when an Android app is ported to iOS, or vice versa. The latter is more like a hack, and is what happened when BBRY decided to support Android apps on PlayBook and BB10. Remember, this decision was an attempt by BBRY to address the fact that many developers were ignoring the PlayBook and later BB10; had those developers been porting apps all long, Android app compatibility would not have been necessary.
    What... the...h@ll...are you talking about??

    All games, apps, etc are ports unless specifically written by the device manufacture for the their device. Even THEN, the manufacturer can port their code to any secondary device vendor, that they agree to do business with?
    Sonic the Hedge Hog...ported
    There's no "android app" written by a third party. There's IS an app written in a language that an android device can run, yes. Can I use that same code, without a runtime emulator, on a BlackBerry?? H@ll yeah I can. What do you think apps like Whine, iGrann, PPSSPP, RetroArch, etc are?

    Dev's don't sit at home, or in the office and say "Hmmmm...I think I'll make an android app, because android apps are like the best ever, and I'm going to make a gajillion dollars in the Play store!". If any use that logic for profit, that's a fool for a Dev.

    NO device manufacturer, at this point in the smartphone game, should limit themselves to a system of monetization where any third application is is device specific. Whether you like it or not, apps will eventually be unilateral. There's NO business model in existence that relies solely on first party anything. To piggyback on the notion that an app from another store pollutes the purity of a device, is borderline insanity. That logic is what nearly destroyed major game players like Sega, Atari, ColecoVision...and I can go on and on.
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