1. ericbaber's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to use TeleNav on my Curve 8900. After 2 minutes the screen turns itself off though and needs to be woken up again. Is there any way of stopping this from happening, i.e. of changing a setting either within the BB software or TeleNav? Within the BB software I've tried Options > Screen/Keyboard > Backlight Timeout but the longest duration there is 2 minutes; I'd like to keep the backlight on permanently when using TeleNav. I've checked within TeleNav but can't find a setting that would override the BB one. Any pointers?


    07-08-09 08:39 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If TeleNav doesn't have an option to override the backlight timer, you can use BBLight. I use the "Keep On when on External Power" setting and plug my bb into vehicle DC power when I'm using mapping apps.
    07-08-09 09:50 AM
  3. ericbaber's Avatar
    Thanks Jeff, this looks like a potential workaround, but surely I'm missing something simpler.

    I've had another thought - at the same time as the backlight turning itself off, the handset locks itself. I had password enabled and the Security Timeout set to 2 minutes; I've now disabled the password and set the Security Timeout to 1 hour, but the screen still goes dark after 2 minutes. This is getting infuriating - surely there's a way of making the screen stay alive for longer than 2 minutes while using a GPS program!
    07-08-09 10:06 AM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    There is no setting in the native BlackBerry software to keep the backlight on for more than 2 minutes. You're not overlooking it; it's not there. Some GPS apps have that capability. BBMaps does; others may too. I haven't used TeleNav, so I don't know about it. If TeleNav doesn't have the capability, you'll have to use a 3rd party app such as BBLight. I've seen a reference recently to another app, I think it was called "Leave It On" or "Keep It On" or something like that. You could try that as well if you can find it.

    As for the password lock, there's NO workaround that other than to touch a key before the timer runs out. BBMaps running doesn't satisfy the timer.
    07-08-09 02:12 PM
  5. petaf's Avatar
    When I used TeleNav on my 8900 the other day I noticed the screen went off in between directions. It always came on again before new direction though. Hope this helps.
    07-08-09 02:46 PM
  6. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Yeah, I think the idea is to save battery life while it is running. I can see how the inadvertent lockout would be annoying.
    07-08-09 03:01 PM
  7. ericbaber's Avatar
    Thanks for all the replies. I think I've got it solved now. I have:

    - Set Options > Screen/Keyboard > Backlight Timeout to 2 minutes
    - Disabled the password
    - Set the Automatic Lock to 1 hour, the longest possible

    And that seems to work *when a route has been plotted and TeleNav is in drive mode*. I may play around with the various parameters but right now I'm just pleased it's working the way I want it to. It'll be interesting to see what happens after the 1 hour - whether the handset locks itself or not.

    Again, thanks for the replies.

    07-08-09 03:42 PM
  8. Shao128's Avatar
    I've released an appilcation called Leave It On (as jeff mentioned above) that will keep the blacklight on automatically for you when launching specific applications, so you could have your normal backlight time out, then when telenav is running my app would keep the backlight on until you close telenav. You can download a 3 day trial here Leave It On - Personal Productivity Blackberry Software

    </end shameless plug>
    07-08-09 03:44 PM