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    Why turning off my device which more than 40% battery charge? I'm using BlackBerry Z10

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    05-26-15 02:05 PM
  2. Abhishek Chaudhary619's Avatar
    It's a error with battery callibration

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    05-26-15 02:24 PM
  3. Abhishek Chaudhary619's Avatar
    Many threads on battery callibration check one of them

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    05-26-15 02:26 PM
  4. AliSaberi's Avatar
    Thanks bro.
    How to calibration the battery?

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    05-26-15 02:32 PM
  5. Abhishek Chaudhary619's Avatar
    Firstly put out the battery if your phone.Now plug the charger cable into ur phone without battery just for 30 second and remove it. Leave the battery out for 1 hour.insert the battery and let it charge. Hope it works out for u.

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    05-26-15 02:36 PM
  6. AliSaberi's Avatar
    Thank you so much bro. I try it and say result. Have a good time.

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    05-26-15 02:38 PM

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