1. w_lred's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to allow to make this feature possible? It's like that Joikuspot application (available only for Nokia, Samsung) to allow you to turn your 3g network into a wifi gateway. It would be very useful if you have an ipod touch like me to connect to wifi network with your phone. I tried searching for a similar application for Blackberries but no luck.
    03-06-10 08:15 PM
  2. hazelbase's Avatar
    My friends have an app on their iphone which lets them do this, I would really like one for the blackberry aswell. Whenever I tether my laptop with my blackberry I have to use my usb cable and I dont always carry this around, or sometimes it gets unplugged.
    03-06-10 09:25 PM
  3. w_lred's Avatar
    I know. I hate carrying the stupid usb cable around too. Damn BB don't make me switch to the iphone.

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    03-06-10 11:26 PM