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    I am using the Roxio Software trying to make my own ringtone and I cannot make it happen. I was using the instructions from Papa Bear but they just don't work for me.

    So far I have managed to import my track off of a CD into the Media Manager. Then from that point I am lost. The instructions say to right click and choose Edit with Quick Sound Editor but that isn't an option when I right click it.

    I am right clicking on the track as it appears in the Media Manager - and it just isn't doing what the instructions say.

    Is Media Manager the right place to be right clicking on the track to edit it? Or am I supposed to be in some kind of CD Creator Window?

    I am just about to give up - I have been working on this for almost 2 hours now.

    Someone who knows, please help.

    Thanks, Annie.
    04-27-08 03:39 PM
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    Get a Demo copy of Nero Wave Editor and try that. It is much easier and you can get the full version REALLY cheap if you know where to look.

    You can also use BitPim to import and edit your ripped cd tracks down to ringtones. Then you just need to export/save them to an outside folder. I never used Roxio because I found the software to be kind of bloated and not user friendly. If you have the full version of Quicktime Pro you can use that to create your audio clips too.
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    04-27-08 04:07 PM
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    Umm... Easier way to make them here!
    04-27-08 06:00 PM