1. gregstaa's Avatar
    Hi everyone, please forgive me if this has been talked elsewhere and point me in that direction, I've done some searching and although it seems i'm at a dead end i thought I'd ask crackberry for some advice.

    I run Blackberry os7 (BB10 as soon as it hits NZ!) and a playbook alongside outlook on MAC. I'm setting myself up a site and currently have hosted sharing on hybrid linux servers (providers service option) which I can control through cpanel.

    I really really want to stare clear of google and the like services and create my own (as close as i can anyway) garden but my problem is i'm a one man band and investing lots of money at this stage is out of the question although I'd like to be set as I can from the start. soooo

    Can anyone suggest some options to use my hosted server to get my Blackberries wireless syncing? (contacts/calendar)

    or am i really only left to an xchange/bes option? I do believe BB had a scaled down version of BES for small businesses, but from my understanding BES had been built out a bit different now?

    Any advice appreciated !
    03-26-13 09:26 AM