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    I have the blackberry bold and am having a little trouble with my display functions. Not sure how to explain this, but the other day my phone crashed and turned off on me. I restarted it and got some message about media but can't remember it for the life of me. Now when I am using my phone the basic display functions seem to be activated. For example, the "E" on my ESPN application button is now small and plain and used to be Bigger and more vibrant. Another example is that one of my BBM contacts put a heart next to her name and it used to show up as an image of a cartoon heart. Now it just looks like a <3 (the common internet way of writing it).

    Any idea what setting was switched off on my phone and how I can change it back?
    01-29-09 12:56 PM
  2. BBBold User's Avatar
    Anyone have an answer to this post?
    01-29-09 06:28 PM
  3. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Hmm, that is a bit strange. Have you tried a batt pull? What os are you using as well?
    01-29-09 06:35 PM