1. jnas1985's Avatar
    Hello everyone.. New to this site and to the World of CrackBerry and Blackberry altogether. I just had a question I have a BB Curve 8310 and I am just curious as to what would be the simpliest way for me to get the navigation working on my phone. I have tried downloading Nav4All and another program but with no result. I have T-mobile. Now with any of the programs even if they are free will I still have to have some sort of Data package on my plan or internet plan to use these programs? very confused if anyone with a 8310 and t-mobile could help me this would be very much appreciated
    11-27-08 09:33 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    You have to have a data plan to use GPS programs, because they all download their maps in real time over the internet. None of them come with preloaded maps. One, TrekBuddy, will allow you to download the maps in advance, for use in areas where you don't have a cell signal, but you will still need to download the maps.
    11-28-08 10:13 PM
  3. delta_foxtrot2's Avatar
    You can do routes with trekbuddy too, but it's all plan ahead stuff like Jeff said.
    11-29-08 12:33 AM