1. mic6's Avatar
    hi folks,
    i have a blackberry plan at my homecountry greece
    right now i am in france and my roaming is activated
    (france company F SFR appears on my screen)
    I noticed that GPRS is in capitals just like in my homecountry
    so, am i getting charged when i use my browser or by checking emails?
    also, do i have to be aware of the 3G use in order to avoid unexcpected bill charging?

    my device is a BB bold if that matters

    thanks so much
    11-01-08 04:36 AM
  2. dollardb's Avatar
    If it's the same setup as when I went to the States earlier this year - you don't get charged for checking your emails but the cost of calls home is very high and make sure that you don't get anyone texting you or leaving you a message on your voicemail.

    Enjoy your trip!
    11-01-08 04:46 AM