1. anon3969612's Avatar
    Hey all,

    Just finalizing travel plans to France & Germany in June/July, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle my Telus locked 9810, and my wife's Rogers locked 9800.

    So far, I've come up with a few options:

    1) Do the carrier offered travel add-on packages, roughly $ 50.00 for 50min calling, 50 txt & 25 MB data added on for a month. Overage is obscene, however. Would we be able to BBM through local WIFI, as we will be apart for 5 or so days travelling separately.

    2) Unlock the phones and buy SIM cards in Europe. We're both landing in Paris and returning there, I assume any SIM we got there would work for all of France. I'm travelling into Germany, however, what options/carriers should I be looking for if I pursue this?

    3) get cheap local feature phones & leave the BB's at home. Not really enthused with this one.

    Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?

    02-08-13 06:01 PM
  2. QWKSNKE's Avatar
    from my experience, you don't really save any money unlocking and buying local sim cards. Sometimes it can be more expensive because they have minimums that you have to spend on top of the cost of purchasing the SIM card. I would consider just going through your carrier.
    02-08-13 07:23 PM
  3. jasg999's Avatar
    Me and my wife travelled to Italy a year and half ago and we both travelled with two 9860s. I decided to unlock both devices and local SIM cards. It worked really well and then plans in Europe are quite reasonable but definitely cheaper than roaming charges. You can buy sim cards anywhere but do a little research on which mobile companies in France have the best coverage and rates. We had good coverage all over Italy and using the mobile internet on BB is really good on data. Planning on unlocking my z10 and taking to trip to Spain later this year.
    02-09-13 02:15 PM

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