1. sarah-jane's Avatar
    I don't use bluetooth very often but I tried it last night. Thought everything was set up right but when I tried to send a picture to the other device it did not work and said my device was not a supported profile. I tried troubleshooting but didn't find what I needed. What am I doing wrong? Is Bluetooth worth the trouble?
    08-09-09 03:52 PM
  2. Guzman's Avatar
    to send a picture or anything via bluetooth, if it is between two blackberry's the other person needs to put theirs in receive mode prior to you attempting to send. both have to be paired also.

    now if the other persons phone is not a berry then it still has to have the bluetooth profile (programming) that allows it to accept files via BT.

    Finally you said you tried to send a picture to the other "Device"... it would help if you were descript and actually told us what kind of BB you were using (if it was your VZw 8330) and what you were sending and to what kind of device.
    08-09-09 04:26 PM