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    Hey guys,

    I will get the Bold 9900 very soon
    Is there a way to get my data from my iPhone to the Blackberry (e.g. contacts, pictures)?

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    08-11-11 05:29 AM
  2. pinkert11's Avatar
    Yes, sync the iPhone with iTunes. Then connect the BB to the computer and launch Blackberry Desktop Manager. From there you can select which pictures, songs and movies to sync. Media is very simple.

    As for the contacts it depends how you sync them now. Perhaps the simplest way is to sync your iTunes to outlook for contacts, then sync the BB contacts with outlook via the Desktop Manager.

    If you use gmail, then you have no worries as you can simply sync the contacts wireless assuming that you sync your contacts with gmail now.
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    08-11-11 07:18 AM
  3. cwbcpa's Avatar
    Thank you for asking the question and for the answer as well. I am more than likely making the switch from iPhone back to BB soon. Waiting on Verizon.
    08-11-11 08:42 AM