1. mohawk apple's Avatar
    my niece dropped her bold 9700 and it broke and i have a bran new pearl 9100,i plane on giving her my pearl,will it work if she just puts her chip in the pearl? she has never backed up her 9700,
    both phones are with bell, or should i do a wipe on my pearl before i give it to her.thanks
    and will all her contacts be on her chip?
    07-01-11 06:05 AM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    Even if it is broke, there is a slight possibility that you can plug it into a pc and get a backup made.

    You should wipe your old phone and reload the OS for her(just to clear out anything you may have left behind), then load the backup from her 9700(if you could make one). You should just be able to put her sim card in it and have a working phone, all you should have to do is go to the email setup program and update the pin.
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    07-01-11 07:04 AM