1. 8900_801's Avatar
    Mods, this isnt a for sale post and I'm not advertising my ipod just asking a question.

    I'm looking to trade my like new ipod for a new "gadget" and was wondering what I should ask for and be realistic.. Is the ipod worth a BB device? What would you trade for an 80 GB ipod classic?
    09-03-09 11:08 PM
  2. 5ONE2's Avatar
    My local Craigslist listed a BB 8320 to trade for a 80g Ipod Classic. I think your iPod is worth a BB.
    09-03-09 11:25 PM
  3. Coruptyed's Avatar
    i would say so maybe not a tour or storm but possible a curve or pearl... 80gb ipod here runs around 250 - 350 depending on the store or sale.
    09-03-09 11:58 PM