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    I have literally been all over the place in the past few weeks with my phones. I started off happy with the Tour 9630 and all of it's 3rd party functions, please understand that I never keep a phone how it is from the factory since I have O.C.D. combined with .A.D.D., lol. Anyway I was happy with the Tour 9630 but before that I had owned a Storm that I was also extremely fond of, even with the flawed design.

    I moved onto the Storm 2 from the Tour and honestly was extremely happy in the first few days. For whatever reason I decided to tweak with the adjustment on the back of the device to try and tighten or loosen the screen, I think because I convinced myself the bottom 4 icons of the phone were too tight and didn't work all of the time. At any rate, I messed with the settings and could not get them back, I was getting tired of the SurePress again, I'm not sure why, and the Motorola Droid was being released.

    I swapped out the Tour for the Droid and was so happy about all of the hype and I also was impressed with the cool features. Particularly turn by turn navigation and faster web browsing than the iPhone. But as time goes by and I use the Droid day in and day out I am starting to really miss the overall stability and basic phone functions (BBM, text messaging, emailing, phone calls, etc.) that the Blackberry has absolutely perfected, that I feel like the Droid lags behind.

    The battery indicator really does not give an accurate assessment of how much battery life is left. The typing both in physical standard QWERTY keyboard mode is good, but the keyboard is a sh-tty layout (icons all exactly the same layout apart, etc. - take a look down at your keyboard you don't see the T -> G -> and V all directly on top and bottom of each other like the Droid), and customization of the phone itself is nowhere NEAR a Blackberry.

    The phone may have amazing GPS better than any car or Garmin unit I have ever seen ever, honestly. And some of YouTube clips you would swear are Blue Ray quality, side by side with the iPhone all of my iPhone junkie friends say "that's just a nicer phone than the iPhone" which is a HUGE step for them to say, I still want to go back to a Blackberry. The question is now Tour 9630 or Storm 2. And will Verizon even let me exchange BACK to what I had?

    I am leaning towards the Storm 2 and NOT messing with the screen settings on the back (since I have to remember I am not a Verizon tech).
    11-10-09 08:29 AM
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    You are allowed only one exchange during a 30 day trial, so i'm guessing you used this to go Droid. All blackberrys are cool devices, the Tour is fantastic and it does everything blackberrys are known for great.
    Storm2 is a novelty because of the touch screen, more memory and whatnot. You have to know whether or not you are a touch screen person and if you are the storm2 is a great choice.
    11-10-09 10:10 AM