1. Axlfro's Avatar
    I have an itch. A mad itch i can't scratch. I've had by Tour since its release (with many replacements due to trackball issues) but finally have a solid working device.
    Now, I've really been wanting to trade for a Storm 2. Can't upgrade till next year. Played with it at the VZW store, not CRAZY about the typing but is this something you get used to? How would you compare the S2 to Tour? Opinions?!
    01-29-10 09:58 AM
  2. SomethingOutOfNothing's Avatar
    I cant compare the S2 to a Tour as the S2 was my first Blackberry. When I got the S2 I wasnt crazy about the typing as this was my first touch screen phone. I got used to it within a couple of days, now I absolutely love the S2.
    01-29-10 11:13 AM
  3. FuzzyB's Avatar
    I would sit tight and wait for the S3 to arrive since you have to wait so long anyway....if/when that phone arrives, I will more than likely make the switch to touchscreen myself.
    01-29-10 01:21 PM
  4. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    I'm having the same debate. I have a Tour and am up for NE2 in 23 days. I will essentially be getting a free Storm2 by signing a new contract (my girl is on my family plan and just got a Storm2 so mine will be free with the buy 1 get 1 free promo). I am getting it and keeping my tour I think, but I haven't fully committed to that.
    01-29-10 02:52 PM