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    Howdy...I recently a Motorola S9-HD headset for my Tour. I have read a great deal about 'skipping' issues here, which I have not experienced, however NONE of the AVRCP controls from on the headset work. No reverse, no forward, no pause, no play..nothing. I disabled Encyption hoping that would help but again, NOTHING. I have not been able to find anyone else on here with this problem...anyone have thoughts on what is wrong? Motorola wants to blame Blackberry and Blackberry seems to be a bit of an absentee landlord from a support perspective.

    The Profile says the Services functioning are:
    Hands-Free unit
    A\V Remote Control Target
    A\V Remote Control
    Auto Sync

    I have tried the S9-HD headphones with my IPod Touch (1st Generation (no Bluetooth)) and Jabra A125s Bluetooth adaptor. With this from the headset controls I can forward but not reverse, pause but not play...kinda furthers the confusion to me but thought I would throw that in.
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    I have the original S9's and not the HD version. I just tried the various controls, forward a track, back a track, pause and play with my Tour and they all worked fine.
    09-29-09 10:13 PM
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    Thanks!!! That really helps, reasonable to assume it should work. I have priovided my config info, since writing I have also turned of the Auto Echo Control, still nothing. Any configuration adjustments you can bring to mingd that I might need to change...or order of pairing or anything not obvious you had to do to get this working???

    Really appreciate it!
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    Looking at Properties I don't see anything:

    Trusted - yes
    Encryp - enabled
    Echo - Auto

    I've got those same "services" as you.

    It is listed as my first with a Jawbone, my computer/pc, and a jabro sp700 (speaker for car)

    Altho, again, I have the OLDER model.

    Does your volume controls work on the other side?

    I guess you could visit a shop and try pairing their floor model with your S9's.

    When it pairs up, do you see that too quck dialog saying what's available?

    Just as an aside: when I was up visiting Vancouver a week before I purchased, I hit a Bell shop - boy, did she want to sell me a Tour and get me off Verizon (G)
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    Got another S9-HD on warranty, nothing..but the volume works, did on the other set too. I think the volume logic is in the headphones, I don't think it operates the BB volume. The dialog box comes up and tells me all services are available, old one did as well..they just don't work. It is either the Tour or my company's oppressive security policy that they lay over my BB.

    ..looks like I'll have to exchange the Tour..thanks for your help.
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    What app are you using to test?

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    10-01-09 11:37 PM
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    I am using the inherent MP3 player..not sure, I think it is Roxio? ANYWAY, the Bluetooth started working! I went to a Bellworld, he mucked around with the Tour and nothing, he paired the S9-HD tpo his own Storm and the headset controlled his Storm perfectly. I got home and just tried the S9 with the Tour for fun, worked like a charm..very odd but.

    Tour needs to go back for the trackball issue anyway, it is horrible! But that is the subject of another thread I am sure...
    10-06-09 11:38 AM
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    Hey I got the same problem on the Sprints BB Tour. I had the Motorola S9HD working great on my BB Curve and few days ago got the Tour and im experiencing the same exact problems. Vol works and the Skip back, fwd and pause buttons dont work. Also I noticed when i get a call or txt normaly the track should pause and resume when done with the call or in txt situation after the txt alers chime goes off. But on the Tour it will resume but in a diffrent spot of the track. I listen Howard stern and the show is abt 4 hour long and lets say ill be two hours into the show get a txt or a call and when done it will pay the show again but only hour into the show and ill have to corect that manually. Anyone know what this could be? I know the headset works good as iv used back and forth between two phones and im on my second bb Tour and both had the same problems.
    10-22-09 12:37 AM