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    Hi all,
    I have the Tour 9630, and the Jabra BT8040. I am extremely happy with the headset, the sound is clear and loud on both ends of the call. I am able to listen to Pandora perfectly, too. Love this headset.

    But - I can't figure out the voice dialing. The manual (https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=-gnfJ9le) says to tap the button once to activate the voice dialing, but all I get is a beep when I tap the button. I've somehow accidentally activated the voice dialing, but I don't know how I did it. I think it was when I was turning it on the other day, but it will not activate consistently.

    Does anyone else have this headset with the Tour? Are you able to activate the voice dialing?

    Thanks in advance!
    08-25-09 04:15 PM
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    Actually I am having the same problem with the plantronics 510 bluetooth, and the blackberry HS-655 bluetooth. Blackberry is having sound quallity problems with all bluetooths judging from all the complaints but, have not yet acknowledged there are problems in voice command with many models except some like the Motorola Pure H-15 Bluetooth. Blackberry apparently really neglected development of functions between all Bluetooth sets and the Tour.
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    08-27-09 08:55 PM
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    The tour is not a good phone for those who want Bluetooth usage.
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    08-27-09 08:58 PM
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    my BlueAnt bluetooth V9i works great with my tour, the 1st day using it I had problems answering and ending calls - had to do it manually, but after the second day, did a battery pull and it works fine, I haven't tried voice activation calls yet - only had the phone for 3 days, but that is the next step and is why I was checking out the threads.

    09-10-09 01:09 AM