1. joehoya04's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I just got my bb tour last week and noticed that occasionally, single emails have not been delivered to my phone, all from different users (none spam), although i do receive all of them on my computer through outlook 2007. it's a .edu address, imap server. so far i've missed 4 or 5 emails out of ~75-100 total.

    i don't have any filters set up, and the majority of emails come through just fine. it's just very frustrating because i rely on the bb to get my emails and important ones can go unnoticed for a while. i called verizon customer service and they resent the service books, but the problem continues.

    if anyone has any information i'd really appreciate it. thanks,

    10-14-09 08:55 PM
  2. Tour Up From the Floor Up's Avatar
    I seem to get e-mails that show in my e-mail folders on my Tour, but some show up much later or not at all in my actual e-mail accounts. I have never seen it the other way around. My only suggestion would be to call VZW technical services again and let them know it failed to improve the issue. Keep working with them. If they can't resolve the issue they may forward you to BlackBerry technical support. If neither can resolve the problem they'll send you a new Tour.

    It sounds like a setting problem missed somewhere. The technicians at BlackBerry are actual computer technicians so they'll troubleshot every which way they can. Just be prepared to spend some serious time on the phone.
    10-14-09 11:17 PM