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    I currently have the tour 9530 (verizon). It gets replaced with a new tour tomorrow. The question I have is I have the option to upgrade so is the Bold 9550 worth the upgrade from the tour if so what is the big difference.


    Sorry title should show 9530 and 9550
    03-02-11 02:15 AM
  2. MrObvious's Avatar
    Honestly not really especially if they lock you into a two year contract. If they are offering to just replace it no new contract then sure. New BBs should be coming out sooner than later I'd think.
    03-02-11 03:50 AM
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    9530 = Storm
    9550 = Storm 2
    9630 = Tour
    9650 = Bold

    I have and love the Bold. It's a great phone. But if you want one I'd suggest getting one off contract. The new berries will be out soon. Montana looks like a big improvement over the 9650.

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    03-02-11 09:43 AM