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    Hi friends,
    I just wanted to share with you my thoughts to RIMīs strategy...

    First of all: Yes, RIM developed too slow and yes we are not happy about that!

    But I just watched the video of Mikes interview at "all things d" from last year.

    Mike said he thinks "globally", because RIM is a global company and he was right, that the most part of the world uses 2G or 2,5G only.
    And people of that countries also buy more and more Blackberry devices.
    The North American and European markets are not the only ones.
    India, China, middle east markets are rising extremely fast!
    So far so right.

    He might thought like that:
    Why produce devices with extreme performances they canīt use?
    512/624Mhz processors are enough to handle that data speeds (which is not wrong),
    that also means a cheaper production and better prices (which is also true);
    that also means a big battery with a "low performance" processor offers an extremely good battery life (also true);
    and itīs also true that those devices STILL react very responsive when it comes to open E-mails, application despite having that low performance processors...

    The torch 9800 was something new and might got all the "old" specs. because of the reason I wrote above.
    It got a new design and was more "stylish" and "consumer" as blackberrys before.
    They had to bring that kind of the device because the consumer market also became more and more important.
    But to keep the known blackberry performance they sat on a low resolution display, which should keep the great battery life and it did.

    Blackberry users (including me) were not happy about that development that RIM didnīt move forward.
    I bought a Curve 8900 back in 2008 (almost 4years ago!!!!) and there has been nothing new that was worth to replace my trusty "work horse" - till the OS7 lineup.

    Everyone was complaining about things like:
    "Old hardware", "the design is too bold", "it looks old", "too slow", "we want back a Bold 9000 with 2011 hardware, but slimmer", "we want a keyboard", "we also want touch screens" etc.

    Hard times!

    So RIM (might) wanted to bring out a new line up and a new flagship - the Bold 9900.
    It got a super slim design, a touchscreen, a keyboard, new specs etc.
    Everything we cried for.
    The first specs. we heard was a 800MHz processor and 5Mpx. camera.
    The reactions to that were: "Baaah 800Mhz? Whatīs wrong with RIM?! My Android has 1GHz!!!" or "5Mpx.?! Why not 12Mpx.?!"

    So in the last minute before releasing they took a 1,2GHz processor (which was not out as the 9900 has been developed) they also upgraded the 5Mpx. cam with HD-videorecoring - to stop all the "outdated" hardware shouts/cries.

    That meant new problems:
    The battery and OS code was designed for this 800MHz processor.
    Which was able to offer the same great advantages we were used to.
    They wanted to keep that
    So the very last minute they had to re-write the OS to have a good balance between 1,2GHz power and a "good" battery life.
    And it also was impossible to find a camera good autofocus camera that fits in that slim design.

    But now we keep crying: "Waaaahhh! The battery life is horrible!", "Waaaah! Bad camera!"

    RIM followed the other previous "cries" about: bulky old hardware, not stylish enough, not enough processor power - and we are still not happy!

    But (till now) itīs impossible to get that performance with the slim design.

    And donīt forget how many have laughed about the battery life of Androids or iPhones.

    The OS 7 lineup still offers a great battery life despite having that small battery.
    The pricing is also ok, I mean the 9900 (e.g.) costs around 100bucks less than the iPhones and Droid with comparable performance.

    These days are hard for RIM!
    But keep in mind itīs not possible to bring everything under one hat.
    What do you want? Power or reliability?
    We had reliability - we cried!
    Now we have power - we also cry!

    But the BB Service is still the best which is out there...

    Letīs see what the future brings!

    Best wishes,


    P.S.: Please donīt be mad at me because of grammar or language mistakes - I`m not a native English speaker.
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    Great post. Well done!

    RIM get so much hate, its because they are loved so much.

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    10-26-11 12:20 PM
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    Good post. Yes the global market for RIM is bigger than the tiny one in North America.
    But to add, if we assume that the "small" North American market is a mirror of sorts, then RIM doesn't want to be in the same position when 3g and LTE is standard across countries like India.
    The thing is markets like India are growing and maturing at a pace unimaginable in developed countries. Its easy for us in India. We dont have to invent. We have enough money to simply buy the latest technology from the west and implement it in a fresh environment. We don't worry about legacy support because we don't have any legacy architecture. That explains why mobile phone sale exploded in India. We had very little land line penetration and with the coming of GSM networks it was easy for companies to install and provide GSM connectivity and not run wires across the country.
    In the same manner 3g just got rolled out in India and LTE is not far behind.
    The problem for RIM would be if they have no product to take advantage of these networks when they are up and running. The most ardent BB fan would think about switching when he sees his friend's Android accessing a website in seconds.
    And lets be clear, when consumers switch to a smartphone, its a lifestyle statement. One needs the latest and fastsest.
    Even though BB is cornering India's smartphone business, there are the faintest murmurs of discontent amongst the users. Currently the networks are not upto par. But when the networks get their act together, which would be very soon, the N American game may play out.
    Hence RIM's need to innovate. Their strategy seems fine globally right now. With the expected launch of BBX phones mid next year they might have the firepower to retain their customer base when LtE rolls out in countries like India
    But if they dont, then the North American scenario might just playout in these countries as well.
    RIM has one huge factor going for it in India. They have the biggest chunk of the smartphone business in India and the god phone only has 2% share of the smartphone market here. But they have to retain the customer base, and not lose it like they did in North America.
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    Yep, I agree with all 3 posts.

    But with India, they're about 2 years behind in the mobile race. But that's a huge market there. And RIM can't repeat what they did in US. Stagnate. If they do, the same thing will repeat in India in 2 years.

    So they actually do need to improve what they have. And that's what technology is. Overcoming hurdles for a better product. RIM is a great company, and I'm pretty sure they can offer great speed with good battery.
    10-27-11 11:03 AM
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    Great post. Well done!

    RIM get so much hate, its because they are loved so much.

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    First time I heard that. Rings true. All the great things that they have going for them, the things that they HAVE accomplished this year, yet the hate???
    10-27-11 11:19 AM