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    One thing that always got me wondering is that why would RIM put the bigger battery in the non-touch screen with smaller screen phones (ie Bold series) and put smaller batteries in the Bigger Touch screen phones. To me it sounds like the opposite because the bigger screen uses more juice than the smaller screen thus would make sense if they had the 1500mAh battery. But I guess its one of those things RIM can't get straight. It honestly wouldve been better if the Torch at least got the bigger battery as well wouldn't it?

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    01-08-11 12:44 AM
  2. spiraleze's Avatar
    I think it is related to the available space and/or weight requirements of the unit design. Smaller display means more space available for battery. Sure it would be great to have a Touch screen phone with a large battery but everyone wants thinner phones so the battery is the feature that gets reduced.
    01-08-11 03:14 PM