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    Hi All,

    I have just aquired a 7100x (old I know - but I want to have a play with it).

    We recently got hold of a bunch of them from an office reloacation, where many of the staff were also being made redundant. Anyway, my company got to take away about 10 of these handsets to dispose of, so thought I'd grab one and see if I could get it going.

    Currently it's on an O2 operating system, I would like to reload the operating system and add the Orange version for my handset.

    I have downloaded the Desktop Manager Software, the only problem is that the phone has a PIN that I don't know. I don't need any of the data to be saved, obviously, so am happy to just wipe the whole thing and start again.

    I have read the guide about how to repair a NUKED Blackberry and assumed that this is the guide that I need to follow. I'm still asked for the PIN in the software - is there a way of getting past this?

    If a guide exists please could someone point me in the right direction, and also if a link exists for a link to the RIM Op Sys for my 7100x I'd also be grateful.

    Many thanks.
    10-17-09 04:23 AM
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    10-17-09 04:29 AM
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    Thanks, but was hoping for som,e help from this forum, I know my phone is old and that's why that forum has only had 13 posts this month!

    I'm hoping there will be a more general guide for Blackberrys, or at least the 7000 series.


    10-17-09 04:57 AM