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    Well, Tyler Lessard has found a new home at Fixmo as CMO. Lessard was former Vice President, Global Alliances and Developer Relations at BlackBerry. It appears his new firm will compete with BlackBerry on network security. He's looking to hire former BlackBerry employees:

    October 5, 2013 By Terry Dawes
    Perhaps betting that BlackBerrys remaining security-minded customers will be searching for a new platform in the immediate future, Torontos Fixmo will be rolling out its Fixmo Enterprise Mobility Platform (EMP) for Hosters, in collaboration with Ashburn, Virginia-based distributor SteelCloud on Monday.

    The channel is ready to move from BlackBerry, said Nigel Hughes, SteelClouds vice-president of sales, in an interview with Computer Reseller News. The channel is ready for iOS and Android solutions with BlackBerry-like security.

    Security is probably the hill that BlackBerry will die on, as many now believe it may abandon hardware in favour of its real area of expertise; network security.

    But with BlackBerry losing ground in the corporate, government, medical, legal and financial verticals, all customers with sensitive data to protect, not to mention at the consumer level, Fixmo and SteelCloud are looking to capture much of the market that BlackBerry once had cornered.

    Citing the tens of thousands of security-minded BlackBerry refugees he expects to see adopting iOS and Android operating systems over the next year and a half, Fixmos CMO Tyler Lessard says, There is a very big sense of urgency for those who need to make the leap. Right now, there is a very serious risk of not addressing the problem head on.

    Microsoft has been trying to tempt away wavering BlackBerry clients with its ActiveSync mobile security platform. Hughes is dismissive, saying, ActiveSync does not cut it. A press release to be issued Monday touts Fixmo and SteelClouds new EMPs comprehensive mobile device management, data encryption and application security features that go beyond the capabilities of ActiveSync. Hughes adds, EMP does not just have BlackBerry-like security, but it goes beyond it.

    With BlackBerrys fate lurching from worse to worst, its clear that what remains of the tech giants assets and client base are up for grabs. BlackBerry has just been hit with an investor lawsuit, and even Rogers has announced that it wont stock the Z30 when its released later this year.

    On the heels of collaborating with Lockheed Martin on a secure authentication system this past February, Fixmo looks poised to do kick away the last leg BlackBerry has left to stand on.
    Toronto's Fixmo looks for a piece of BlackBerry's security pie
    10-06-13 03:52 PM
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    I love Fixmo but I wonder how much alarm it will cause those concerned about security that the Chairman of the Board of Directors is the former Deputy Director of the NSA and another member of the Board is the former DIRECTOR of the same. Anything having even a remote relationship with the NSA seems to give some folks the tech version of the heebie jeebies
    10-06-13 05:48 PM

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