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    recent problem with the music player on TORCH. When a playlist is chosen and you wish to move a song in the playlist order, the "manual" says press the BB key choose "move" from the dropdown menu and move the song. this worked until recently. now it works only once in a blue moon. usually it does nothing, unless you hold the BB key down for a few seconds and it goes to a folder choice screen (not related to music player). I cannot find anyone with a solution or even a suggestion. Any help would be appreciated.
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    03-12-11 12:11 PM
  2. icedunord's Avatar
    I am also having problems with the player -- similar description. I cannot move or remove songs from the playlist -- only add songs. I recently copied an MU3 playlist to my BB and some of the songs were not in the correct directories, so the playlist listed them but I couldn't play them. Interestingly enough, the BB key would bring the pop-up menu on only those songs. So I could move or remove only the songs which I couldn't play anyway. The songs that were in the correct location would not bring up the menu within that same playlist.

    I hope RIM is investigating this as it is very frustrating to have to edit playlists on a computer and copy them across. A very simple function which does not work . . .
    03-29-11 10:41 AM
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    Have the slider open. Go to your media player, open up the playlist, highlight the song you want removed and then press the Del/backspace key on the keypad. It will ask you to remove from playlist. Just say yes, exit and save changes.
    06-23-11 04:56 PM