1. funkym's Avatar
    It seems they finally released the final version of this app!
    • Offline Maps - No wireless network connection needed.
    • Shows GPS position in different coordinate systems.
    • Large map support from memory card.
    • Free map packs cover most areas already.
    • Detailed map packs for more detailed coverage.

    Check it out for free: TopoExplorer for BlackBerry
    03-24-09 12:54 AM
  2. w_bovine's Avatar
    Looks like it could be fun and interesting to use. The price for additional map packs is rather painful, however.
    03-24-09 01:12 PM
  3. trucky's Avatar

    A California map is $49 if you are willing to download it and consumes 17.1GB on a storage card. I happen to live 11 miles from one state and about 40 miles from another. Might as well buy a dedicated GPS device for that kind of money.
    • Covered area: California, USA .
    • Scale: 1:24,000 (7.5 minutes).
    • Size: 17.1 GB (needed on memory card).
      Map packs can be used partially.
    • Type: Topographic.
    • Source: USGS.
    • Download only $49

      DVD Delivery only $89
    03-24-09 02:42 PM
  4. w_bovine's Avatar
    To call this a "free" program appears to be very misleading. The free world map available for download is useless for anything other than when you might find yourself shanghaied, wake up somewhere far away and need to get an idea of where on the earth you ended up. Assuming you still have your BB of course.

    The idea is great, but the cost involved is unreasonable. USGS topo maps in digital form are free. All that was done here is to convert the digital maps to a format that can be used on a Blackberry. I'd pay for an area-specific maps if it were perhaps 50% of the listed price, but otherwise this program will be deleted of my Bold.
    03-24-09 04:02 PM
  5. sonni_kuba's Avatar
    •Offline Maps - No wireless network connection needed.
    •Shows GPS position in different coordinate systems.
    •Large map support from memory card.
    •Free map packs cover most areas already.
    •Detailed map packs for more detailed coverage.
    All this is also COMPLETELY free with MGMaps
    03-24-09 04:54 PM
  6. hummer010's Avatar
    I don't seem to be able to get any maps at all with it, including the global map. I was liking the idea of having a topo map with GPS. Digital topo's in Canada are free as well, so it seems crazy to pay $$ for it.
    03-27-09 11:09 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    Well, you are paying for the development they did in creating the Viewer program (the free software for viewing maps) and then for them creating what I would guess (I have no idea how it works or if it works) are maps that pan as you travel. And they created the method of "gluing" all of the map images into their various tiles. Looking at the world map, it appears that it contains an index to various images internal to the map file. So they did develop some technology. But it does seem that the maps are very pricy if you want/need more than one.

    I wrote in another forum that a tour of the US Southwest would involve generally Utah, Arizona and New Mexico - that's already $150.00. My home state WA, another $50. It adds up quickly.
    03-27-09 11:32 AM
  8. iPhoneWannaBe's Avatar
    Has anyone gotten this app to actually work? If so which BB are you using, and which cell carrier do you use?

    I'm in Washington also, and bought the WA maps. It doesn't work for me under Verizon. Spent weeks on this. It appears that Verizon is interfering with many third-party GPS apps.
    08-01-09 10:05 PM
  9. vaqas's Avatar
    Beware! this app does not work properly. It offers a very little functionality and it even fails in it miserably. The location shown on the topo maps is off by a substantial margin (approx 100 meters!). You will be lucky if you are off by that margin, in most of the cases the app won’t load an optimal maps and throws your current location at some white blank background. I have tried this app for OR and WA states and get the same problem. I have also heard from other folks who have used it for other states CA, AR and UT. Same issue. I have written several times to SkyLabs for this issue and have never heard from them.

    The App doesn’t offer much. No zooming, no tracking. Overall badly written app. You cannot get much use out of it. Don't waste your money and time. Go for free apps like GPSLogger and MGMaps.
    08-05-09 07:50 PM
  10. skiorkayak's Avatar
    I want to second what Sonni Kuba said, use MGMaps.
    I made the mistake of using TopoExporer and wasted money and a-lot of time. I am now using MGMaps with google terrain maps and it is working great. There are a number of threads about MGMaps, but after using it and experimenting with different zoom levels and detail levels, I would be happy to share tips and answer questions that might save you some time.
    11-06-09 05:56 PM