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    My first post... just got an 8330, Verizon, through my employer. Bought a bluetooth gps at my own expense. Now I am looking for recommendations, please, for mapping software to use with the GPS. My most common GPS application is foot travel in the mountains. Is there any application out there that would show trails, topographic details, etc.? Freeware or for purchase.

    Any thoughts? Thank you.

    PS - I already have Google Maps. I downloaded it before I purchased the GPS. It does not appear to be recognizing the GPS, even though the GPS has acquired a satellite fix, and I have acquired the GPS from the 8330 using Bluetooth. GM still appears to be using cell tower triangulation.
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    01-28-09 04:22 PM
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    I'm not surprised at your Google result. I have the same problem with Google Maps and my external bluetooth GPS. If you start BBMaps first and use the Start GPS command, then Google Maps will use the data stream. I'm not familiar with a topo map application.

    I'm going to move your Post to the GPS&Mapping forum, where it's a better fit and will be more likely to be seen by GPS experts.
    01-28-09 10:34 PM
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    I believe TrekBuddy was designed initially for the purpose you want, although it seems to do much more now. You can use google elevation maps in it, rather than just map maps.
    01-29-09 03:36 AM
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    There was a post about topo mapping either here or on Blackberry forums and I don't recall the details. It was some kind of gadget or widget add-on of some kind. Check older threads in the gps sections of both forums.
    01-29-09 08:36 AM
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    The topo maps was part of a larger program. I believe it was called, "Where". Below is a link to the application. I downloaded this in November and wasn't really impressed with it.


    Good luck!
    01-29-09 12:23 PM
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    My Map App. Is Working But My Gps Doesn't Work. I Click On Gps Application And Do Refresh Nothing Happen Everything Is 0 Latitud And Longitud.
    Some Body Can Help Me ?????

    BB 8320 T-MOBIL
    02-07-09 01:17 PM
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    When you tested were you in an area that has cell service? My Pearl's GPS only works when i have service. The HTC Hero however the GPS works when i have no service. I hope the new BBs have GPS like the new android devices have :-)
    You also maybe need to edit the permissions and give the applications permission to access the GPS
    11-07-09 09:34 PM