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    I've asked this question a couple of times in the 9810 section but didn't get much help. I'm hoping I get some advice in here, something I haven't tried yet.

    For the past couple of weeks, my 9810 has been slow to respond to everything and dies really quickly after minimal use. Every time I touch an icon or start typing, it brings up the "busy" icon for a couple of seconds and then it opens the app or starts typing. Curious, I checked to see what apps were running in the background and nothing was running. BB Protect wasn't backing up. I watched the screen for a few minutes and the busy icon kept appearing every 5 seconds or so for about 2 seconds. I've also noticed most of the time the back of the phone is hot, but the battery isn't. The battery is cool, it's the area below the battery where the SIM and SD cards go that is hot. It has been hot even when I haven't been using it or charging it.

    I've deleted texts, emails, cleared Ubertwitter and browser caches, cookies and histories; ran memory cleaner, pressed Alt+LGLG to clear the event log, then did a soft reset. When it's finished, all the texts and emails I deleted are back, the texts I saved are gone.

    A couple of times in the last 2 weeks, my battery has had half a charge, I put in on the table and go do something, come back an hour later and the thing is dead. So dead it's cold. It won't charge right away and I have to fiddle with it for several minutes before it finally accepts a charge. After it finished starting up, all the texts, emails and BBM's I've received in the past 24-48 hours are gone. I can restore them with BB Protect, but I'm getting tired of doing that. I even saved all the texts I wanted before performing a soft reset, and when it finished, all the texts I saved were gone, and like I said before, all the emails and texts I deleted were back.

    I'm getting so tired of losing everything and my battery dying constantly. Please tell me if you've experienced this, and what you did to fix it.

    I'm running, loaded it in early January. Haven't experienced any problems until early March.

    Update: Downloaded .342 and started to back up on DM. Noticed it was backing up over 33,000 texts. Canceled and looked to see why I had so many texts that weren't showing up, turns out every text I had saved over the last year (don't ask) was now appearing at least 7 times in the saves messages folder.

    So that's why my BB has been running SO damn slow. 33,000 saved texts I had no idea were saved so many times. It's so weird. I don't know how, why or when that happened. Guess I have to go delete all those texts. Ugh.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I would do a security wipe & start all over again. If you have download any app start by installing one app at a time. You may have any app that is not working well with your phone.
    03-26-12 04:39 PM
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    Your battery may be at the end of its useful life. Try replacing it with a new battery and see if all your problems go away.
    03-26-12 04:41 PM
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    All of the above and I was just wondering if this is an offical or leaked OS maybe roll back, there does seem to be some odd things happening, has anything been spilt/damp, a key stuck, turn wi fi off, remove SD card, It does sound as though something is running in the background,
    03-26-12 05:27 PM
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    First, use DM to reload your OS to the current 7.1 OS.

    If this doesn't fix the problem then it's a hardware issue.

    I have the 9810 and it doesn't experience anything like what you describe
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  6. SK122387's Avatar seems to work extremely well for me. The battery life is the best of all the leaked OS that I have loaded. I rarely get the time out clock, and my 9810 is really quick when doing just about everything. I'd load this OS and see how you like it. I battery saver mode is really handy too.
    03-26-12 08:04 PM
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    I am so sorry! That sounds so frustrating! If my saved texts got deleted, I would be mad! I agree with the posters' comments above; but I feel that it might be a hardware issue. The fact that the phone dies so quickly and overheats seem to be hardware-related (if the battery isn't hot). Go to your AT&T/Cingular store and bring your warranty/receipts. Tell them what's going on - maybe even write down all your problems so you don't have to try and remember everything all at once. They might be able to give you a loaner phone and fix yours; or maybe you can get a new phone. I've heard great things about the 9810 - try another one and see! I hope everything works out for you!
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    03-26-12 11:48 PM