1. Zannor's Avatar
    When I first got a BB I added my personal email. Later I added my work email. When I put something on the calendar I always put it under the personal email address. When I switched from the 8130 to the 8330 somehow the addresses got switched around making my work email the primary on the phone. Problem is that on the home screen the calendar only displays entries for the primary email. At first I thought it might be the custom theme I use so I switched to the BB Dimension Today and it does the exact same thing.

    Now I corrected the problem by removing my work email and re adding it. But my real question is the calendar supports both emails but the today home screen only seems to support the primary email. Is there a way I can have dates from both emails show on the home screen? I checked and the calendar is set to display all emails.
    11-17-08 02:03 PM
  2. Zannor's Avatar
    No one else has run into this problem? Or is this just a "working as intended" issue?
    11-20-08 03:34 PM
  3. Kronk's Avatar
    No, you can only have the items on the calendar set as your default calendar on the Today screen.

    Yes, it sucks.
    11-20-08 04:11 PM
  4. MobileMentor's Avatar
    It appears that this is also the case on my Blackberry running OS 4.5, i can change the view but the main today screen only lists my default calendar. You can go into your settings/options > advanced options > & you can change the default options of your calendar to your secondary email address, this will then show on your home screen.


    11-20-08 04:15 PM