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    Hey guys, I tried searching for my question but did not read anything like this in the forums but may just not have searched the right things.
    So i used to have a blackberrry pearl 9100 unlocked onto tmobile. I did not have the BES or BIS plan on it but i did have a data plan, i think $20 or $25 unlimited data. I ended up breaking that phone on accident and went and got a tmobile 9300 from craigslist. I love blackberries and everything they do, what i use my data mainly for is Pandora Internet Radio, and Google Maps for gps. My problem is I do not have the money to pay for $35 blackberry plan. In the store the guy said i am on a more android based internet plan and since the 9300 is newer it communicates differently.
    Something i find weird on this phone though is now how i can use the native browser without BES. None of my apps connect like gas buddy, fml, app world. It always loads web pages but my apps never connect to the internet. So I am wondering is there a service i need to get or settings to make this work with pandora and gmaps like on my 9100? I really do not want to leave blackberry behind but need gps and cannot afford the more expensive Data. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place
    08-07-11 03:39 PM
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    Seems like you're out of luck. You NEED a BIS/BES plan to run those type of apps.
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    08-07-11 03:51 PM
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    So it really is that big of a difference from my blackberry 9100? One thing that helped on interent browsing atleast is i put it on edge because that's all i could ever use before and now it loads pages when on 3g it would just say requesting. So really no luck at all for apps? They do connect once in awhile which is why i ask agian
    08-07-11 04:06 PM
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    I just upgraded to the bis.They have a 30 day trial so if you wanna just use it get the trial.

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    08-07-11 07:20 PM
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    You could switch over to a T-Mobile Value plan for $50 per month with 500 minutes and unlimited date (2GB throttled) and text, or for $60 get unlimited everything throttled. Don't know what you are paying total now, but you are not going to beat that pricing.
    08-07-11 09:55 PM